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Friday November 20th 2020

Gate Stock
Christmas Wagon
Expected Soon / OO Gauge 2020 Christmas Wagon / OO Gauge

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Hello from myself and the KMRC team! Another wonderfully busy week with lots of deliveries, lots of orders, and the arrival of our latest Warship models! Check it all out and more below!

Camborne & Guildford Shop News

We are open 24/7 for orders through our website For phone orders 01209 714099 we are available Monday to Saturday, between 0930 and 1700, and Sundays, between 1000 and 1600.

n accordance with the new Government rules both Guildford & Camborne are now only operating on a 'Click & Collect' and 'Phone & Collect' service, from a designated collection point. Mail order is continuing as normal. Please visit here before visiting either branch.

When placing your order for 'Click & Collect' on our website please select Camborne or Guildford. Any postage charges will be refunded at the time of collection. Please remember to bring the payment card used to place your order with you when making the collection. You can make a 'Phone & Collect' order by calling us on 01209 714099.

We have a dedicated page for FAQs on our website (found here). If you have a question please do visit this page first to see if your answer can be found!

OO Gauge News

Bachmann new arrivals including the, accidentally discontinued (opps!), Class 40:
Image 31-390 Bachmann Class 414 2-HAP EMU Set 6061 BR Green £220.99
Image 31-391 Bachmann Class 414 2-HAP EMU Set 6063 BR Blue & Grey £220.99
Image 31-392 Bachmann Class 414 2-HAP EMU Set 4308 Revised Network SouthEast £220.99
Image 32-486 Bachmann Class 40 Diesel Locomotive 40 142 BR Blue £160.99
Image 32-486SF Bachmann Class 40 Diesel Locomotive 40 142 BR Blue. DCC Sound Fitted £237.99
Image 32-734BSF Bachmann Class 66/0 Diesel Locomotive 66 117 DB Cargo. DCC Sound £195.95
Image 32-739SF Bachmann Class 66/4 Diesel 66 413 Freightliner G&W. DCC Sound £195.95
Image 32-740SF Bachmann Class 66/7 Diesel 66 789 'British Rail 1948-1997' GBRf BR Blue. DCC Sound £195.95
Image 32-741 Bachmann Class 66/7 Diesel 66 783 "The Flying Dustman" GBRf 'Biffa' Red £127.95
Image 32-741SF Bachmann Class 66/7 Diesel 66 783 "The Flying Dustman" GBRf 'Biffa' Red. DCC Sound £195.95
Image 32-983 Bachmann Class 66 Diesel Loco 66 779 "Evening Star" GBRF Green £129.99

We are expecting this Gate Set in SR Olive Green, from EFE Rail, super duper soon:
Image E86002 EFE Rail LSWR Push-Pull Gate Set 373 SR Olive Green £118.99

These Dapol GWR Mogul steam locos are now available for click & collect orders in both Guildford and Camborne:

Image 4S-043-001 Dapol GWR Mogul Steam Loco 6336 GWR Green w/Great Western lettering £135.95
Image 4S-043-001D Dapol GWR Mogul Steam Loco 6336 GWR Green. DCC Fitted £161.95
Image 4S-043-002 Dapol GWR Mogul Steam Loco 6385 GWR Green w/Shirtbutton roundel £135.95
Image 4S-043-002 Dapol GWR Mogul Steam Loco 6385 GWR Green. DCC Fitted £161.95
Image 4S-043-003 Dapol GWR Mogul Steam Locomotive 7301 GWR Green w/BR Smokebox number plate £135.95
Image 4S-043-003D Dapol GWR Mogul Steam Loco 7301 GWR Green . DCC Fitted £161.95
Image 4S-043-004 Dapol GWR Mogul Steam Loco 6324 BR Black E/E £135.95
Image 4S-043-004D Dapol GWR Mogul Steam Loco 6324 BR Black. DCC Fitted £161.95
Image 4S-043-005 Dapol GWR Mogul Steam Loco 6364 BR Lined Green E/E £135.95
Image 4S-043-005D Dapol GWR Mogul Steam Loco 6364 BR Lined Green. DCC Fitted £161.95
Image 4S-043-006 Dapol GWR Mogul Steam Loco 7310 BR Lined Green L/C £135.95
Image 4S-043-006D Dapol GWR Mogul Steam Loco 7310 BR Lined Green. DCC Fitted £161.95

We still all live in a Hornby yellow submarine! We only have a couple left of this train pack so be quick! If you don't fancy an under sea adventure then why not a festive one with the 2020 Hornby Christmas Wagon?!:
Image R3829 Hornby Eurostar Class 373 Set 3005/3006 Yellow Submarine Train Pack £109.99
Image R6988 Hornby Christmas Wagon 2020 £14.99

Underlay, underlay! Cork underlay that is! The cork underlay are set to Bachmann and Hornby radius set track and standard turnout/points, express turnout/points, curved turnouts/points and Y turnout /points. Well that was a mouthfull!:
Image CB-614-5 Proses 10 X Pre-Cut Cork Bed for R614-615 Cross Tracks £11.95
Image CB-628 Proses 10 X Pre-Cut Cork Bed for R628 Curve Track £7.95
Image CB-643 Proses 10 X Pre-Cut Cork Bed for R643 Curve Track £7.95
Image CB-8072-3 Proses 10 X Pre-Cut Cork Bed for R8072-8073 Standard Points £9.95
Image CB-8074-5 Proses 10 X Pre-Cut Cork Bed for R8074-8075 Curve Points £11.95
Image CB-8076 Proses 10 X Pre-Cut Cork Bed for R8076 Y Point £7.95
Image CB-8077-8 Proses 10 X Pre-Cut Cork Bed for R8077-8078 Express Points £11.95

All OO Gauge items that have arrived within the last 28 days are shown in the latest arrivals section of our website.

N Gauge News

New in from Graham Farish this week:
Image 372-160 Graham Farish LNER Class O6 (8F) 2-8-0 Steam Loco 3518 LNER Black £144.95
Image 372-161 Graham Farish LMS Stanier Class 8F 2-8-0 Steam Loco 8035 LMS Black £144.95
Image 372-162 Graham Farish LMS Stanier Class 8F 2-8-0 Steam Loco 48608 BR Black E/E £144.95
Image 374-650 Graham Farish BR Mk2 DSBO Driving Brake Van Second Open Blue & Grey £46.95
Image 374-651 Graham Farish BR MK2 DBSO Driving Brake Second Open ScotRail £46.95
Image 374-692 Graham Farish BR Mk2F BSO 2nd Class Brake Open Coach InterCity £39.95
Image 374-993 Graham Farish BR Mk1 TSO & BSK 2-Coach Pack BR West Highland Line £76.95
Image 374-994 Graham Farish BR West Highland Line Coach Pack Mk1 TSO BR Highland Rail £76.95

We are also expecting these from Graham Farish soon and, just to let you into a little secret, they are almost all sold out at HQ before their release:
Image 371-113SF Graham Farish Class 31/1 Diesel 97 204 BR RTC Revised. DCC Sound Fitted £225.95
Image 371-136SF Graham Farish Class 31/1 Diesel Refurbished 31 319 BR Railfreight Petroleum Sector. DCC Sound Fitted £225.95
Image 371-137SF Graham Farish Class 31/6 Diesel Refurbished 31 602 Network Rail Yellow. DCC Sound Fitted £225.95
Image 372-163DS Graham Farish LMS Stanier Class 8F 2-8-0 48773 BR Black LC. DCC Sound Fitted £220.95
Image 371-137 Graham Farish Class 31/6 (Refurbished) 31602 Network Rail £127.95

All N Gauge items that have arrived have arrived within the last 28 days are shown in the latest arrivals section of our website.

Non-Gauge Specific News

Fancy learning a new skill? Or looking for an ideal stocking filler?! Sorry but there is a lot of Christmas chat this year so I'm trying to embrace it! These learning kits are great for the beginner but also for adding a new skill to any layout:
Image LK951 Woodland Scenics Rock Faces Learning Kit £20.25
Image LK952 Woodland Scenics Road Building Learning Kit £20.25
Image LK953 Woodland Scenics Tree Making Learning Kit £20.25
Image LK954 Woodland Scenics Landscaping Learning Kit £20.25
Image LK955 Woodland Scenics River / Waterfall Learning Kit £20.25
Image LK956 Woodland Scenics Scenery Details Learning Kit £20.25

KMRC Exclusive News

D6xx Warship/ OO Gauge

Look what are due to arrive into our Camborne shop today and Guildford on Monday! Place you online, or 'click & collect', order today:
Image K2606 Class 41 Warship Diesel Loco D600 "Active" BR Green - headcode disks & original grilles £179.99
Image K2607 Class 41 Warship Diesel Loco D601 "Ark Royal" BR Green - headcode boxes & later grilles, weathered £189.99
Image K2608 Class 41 Warship Diesel Loco D604 "Cossack" BR Green - headcode disks & later grilles £179.99

LSWR Signal Box/ OO Gauge
Read about our Petersfield Signal box, and other LSWR Signal Boxes, on our KMRC Skrifa >>> here!
Image 44-074X Bachmann Scenecraft LSWR Signal Box - Petersfield £79.99
Kernow Model Rail Centre on 'Virtual' Tour

We are replacing some of the shows we usually attend with virtual shows. We will put information of the special show offers on our Facebook page, Twitter, and website when they are taking place - so keep an eye out! The list of shows we attend can be found here!

Next week we will be finishing our 2020 virtual exhibition calendar with Warley! Keep an eye our for special show offers here next weekend.


Each week we feature great models at a special price. Our stock system is live so as soon as the last model is sold it will show out of stock. Please note that it will not necessarily be removed from the website immediately. See further details on our website by clicking on the images below:

OO Gauge :
Picture 30-425 Bachmann Midland Pullman Train Pack. RRP £599.95 £499.99
Picture 32-165 Bachmann Southern N Class Steam Loco 31874 BR Lined Black E/E. RRP £159.95 £114.99
Picture 38-400A Bachmann SR 25 Ton Pill Box Brake Van 56462 SR Brown. RRP £29.95 £18.95

N Gauge:
Picture 374-417 Graham Farish Southern PMV Passenger Luggage Van S1733 BR Blue. RRP £27.95 £16.95

Current OO bargains, current N bargains, current HO bargains, current O bargains, and current ON-30 bargains! Remember our special coach offer - when you buy 4 coaches you get an extra £1 off each coach!

Customer Layouts

A micro, but perfectly formed, 'Morfa Town' layout by Mr Coote! See photos of all of the customer layouts that have been showcased so far, on our dedicated customer layout page.


Thank you for those of you who have sent in images of your superb layouts this week! Remember - if you have any photos of your layout, finished or unfinished, please send them in to me! Just put FAO Hayley in the subject line and send them to - thank you!

Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know (or maybe you did?!)

Have you ever put a seashell to your ear to hear the waves of the sea?! I have passed this little experience from my childhood onto my boys and they now believe it is the sea you can hear. But...did you know... the sound you actually hear is just ambiant noise around you. We are so used to the white noise around us, but our brain filters it out, so we don't normally hear it day to day. Once we put our ear to a shell some of the frequencies get amplified while others get suppressed. Despite this - I am sticking with the noise of the sea theory!

A lovely newsletter subscriber sent in a link to a list of 'dad jokes'. I read through some of them with James' and he chose the following one as this week's joke. Thank you Mr Wagstaffe - they got us all laughing!

James' joke of the week...  At school a friend’s father was a magician who cut people in half. “Do you have any siblings?” he was asked. He replied he had two half-brothers and one half-sister.

Keep keeping safe and smiling.

Oll an gwella,


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