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KMRC Newsletter


Welcome to our newsletter - October 18th 2019

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Bargains Added ---> Hornby Locos + more!
Award-Winning ---> Warships

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Hello from all of us here at Kernow Model Rail Centre - both teams in Camborne and Guildford! We have had some fantastic news since you last received your email from us and you can read about it further down this newsletter! Also, make sure you check out all of the added Hornby OO gauge bargains in the bargain section!

Just a warning/side note -  I am on annual leave next week so I am leaving you in the capable (?!) hands of Chris next Friday....

OO Gauge News

Some last minute arrivals from Bachmann:
Image 33-300G Bachmann 20 Ton Toad Brake Van 114926 GWR Grey wi/Didcot lettering £19.00
Image 33-307A Bachmann 20 Ton Toad Brake Van BR Bauxite £19.00
Image 38-741 Bachmann War Office 'Parrot' Bogie Wagon LMS Grey £33.99

Oxford Rail sent us a 4 Plank Mineral Wagon and a LNER N7 Steam Locomotive this week:
Image OR76MW4010 Oxford Rail 4 Plank Mineral Wagon Calico Printers Association No. 15 £11.95
Image OR76N7003 Oxford Rail LNER N7 Steam Loco 69612 BR Black £97.99

All OO Gauge items that have arrived within the last 28 days are shown in the latest arrivals section of our website.

O Gauge News

A welcome surprise O gauge delivery full of Autocoaches this week from Dapol:
Image 7P-004-006 Dapol Autocoach 40 GWR Lined Chocolate & Cream £170.00
Image 7P-004-007 Dapol Autocoach 37 GWR Lined Crimson £170.00
Image 7P-004-008 Dapol Autocoach 37 BR Crimson & Cream £170.00
Image 7P-004-009 Dapol Autocoach 36 BR Maroon £170.00
Image 7P-004-010 Dapol Autocoach 39 GWR Chocolate & Cream £170.00

All OO Gauge items that have arrived within the last 28 days are shown in the latest arrivals section of our website.

N Gauge News

A Friday delivery with these two Graham Farish models:
Image 373-929 Graham Farish 30 Ton Bogie Bolster Wagon LMS Grey with Load £23.99
Image 373-930 Graham Farish 30T Bogie Bolster C BR Bauxite Late, weathered £28.95

 All N Gauge items that have arrived within the last 28 days are shown in the latest arrivals section of our website.

OO-9 Gauge News

 No new OO-9 Gauge items have arrived this week but to see all of our OO-9 gauge range please take a look here.

Model Rail News

LAST FEW - Sentinel - OO Gauge

We are now down to the last 5 (at the time of sending this newsletter) of the Model Rail Sentinel in OO Gauge!:
Image MR-015 Dapol Sentinel Steam Locomotive 47182 BR Black - BRITISH RAILWAYS lettering £87.00

Model Rail / KMRC News


We, Model Rail, and Heljan have joined forces and are pleased to announce a ready-to-run Class 97/6 in OO gauge - better known as the 'PWM'!


Five Ruston & Hornsby 0‑6‑0DEs were ordered by the Western Region for use in replacing 60ft track panels with continuously welded rail. They were designed so that they could be hauled from depots to work sites in permanent way trains where the traction motor would be re-engaged to enable them to shunt wagons. The ‘PWMs’ were never part of the capital stock list and were only ever allocated to Departmental duties. EWS withdrew the final two, 97651 and 97654, in 1998.

Our tooling will only cover PWM651-654 (97651-97654), which were delivered in 1959. The pioneer, PWM650 (97650), built in 1953, had smaller wheels and other differences.

The tooling is being split three ways:

---> Model Rail will offer pristine versions in five liveries.
---> Kernow Model Rail Centre will offer weathered versions of the Model Rail liveries.
---> Heljan will produce versions in industrial‑inspired colour schemes, which are still to be confirmed.

Work has already started. Paul and Peter (don't fly away!)  Martin graciously allowed Model Rail’s Richard Foster and Heljan’s Ben Jones to measure and photograph their PWM651 at the Swindon & Cricklade Railway in mid-August.

Final specifications have yet to be finalised, but it’s hoped that the ‘PWM’ will have a Next18 DCC decoder socket, factory‑fitted speaker, working spot lamps and interior lights (as well as marker lights, where applicable).

Prices have yet to be confirmed and we’ll let you know when the order book opens! It is hoped that the ‘PWM’ will hit the shelves in early 2021 but we will keep you updated on progress and when the pre-order books open! Visit our dedicated page by clicking here.

AWARD-WINNING - Warships - OO Gauge

We are honoured to announce (if you haven't heard/read on our Facebook already!) that we won in the 'Best OO gauge Locomotive' category in the Hornby Magazine Model Railway Awards 2019! We have 4 versions available as two versions have sold out:

Image K2600 Class 41 Warship Diesel Loco D600 "Active" BR Blue £179.99
Image K2602 Class 41 Warship Diesel Loco D602 "Bulldog" BR Green £179.99
Image K2604 Class 41 Warship Diesel Loco D604 "Cossack" BR Green £179.99
Image K2605 Class 41 Warship Diesel Loco D602 "Bulldog" BR Blue £179.99


Each week we feature great models at a special price and, as a subscriber to our newsletter, you will get the first chance to buy. Our stock system is live so as soon as the last model is sold it will show out of stock. Please note that it will not necessarily be removed from the website immediately. See further details on our website by clicking on the images below:

Bargain Bundles (including a few of our exclusive models):

Bachmann Scenecraft OO Gauge:
Picture Scenecraft Clearance - save up to 80%!

Bachmann OO Gauge - Remember you can save £1 off per coach when buying 4 or more in any combination in one order:
Picture 31-434 Bachmann Midland Class 1F Steam Loco 41803 BRITISH RAILWAYS Black NOW £63.99
Picture 31-883 Bachmann Midland Class 4F Steam Loco 3848 Midland Black Crest NOW £81.99
Picture 32-109 Bachmann Class 08 Diesel Shunter 08 631 "Eagle" Network SouthEast NOW £69.99
Picture 32-289 Bachmann Class 101 2 Car DMU BR Refurbished White & Blue NOW £136.95
Picture 32-290DS Bachmann Class 101 2 Car DMU Network SouthEast. DCC Sound fitted NOW £203.99
Picture 32-560 Bachmann Class A1 Steam Loco 60117 BRITISH RAILWAYS Apple Green NOW £114.99
Picture 32-561 Bachmann Class A1 Steam Loco 60122 "Curlew" BR Express Blue E/E NOW £139.99
Picture 32-575A Bachmann Ivatt Class 4MT Steam Loco 3000 LMS Black NOW £82.99
Picture 32-992 Bachmann Wickham Type 27 Trolley Car BR Engineers Yellow NOW £45.95

Hornby OO Gauge - Remember you can save £1 off per coach when buying 4 or more in any combination in one order:
Picture R3373 Hornby Class 71 Electric Loco E5001 BR Green NOW £99.99
Picture R3383TTS Hornby 4073 Castle Class Steam Loco 5050 "Earl of St Germans" BR NOW £114.99
Picture R3399 Hornby EWS Freight Train Pack. Limited Edition NOW £139.99
Picture R3406 Hornby J50 Class 0-6-0T Steam Loco No. 14 Departmental BR NOW £54.99
Picture R3407 Hornby J50 Class Steam Loco 68959 BR NOW £54.99
Picture R3411 Hornby Maunsell S15 Class Steam Loco 827 Southern Black NOW £89.99
Picture R3417 Hornby K1 Class Steam Loco 62065 BR Black NOW £89.99
Picture R3418 Hornby K1 Class Steam Loco 62006 BR Black with BRITISH RAILWAYS NOW £89.99
Picture R3423 Hornby Adams Radial 415 Class Steam Loco 30583 BR Black NOW £79.99
Picture R3451 Hornby Thompson B1 Class Steam Loco 61032 "Stembok" BR Black NOW £99.99
Picture R3454 Hornby 4073 Castle Class Steam Loco 5076 "Drysllwyn Castle" GWR NOW £96.99
Picture R3455 Hornby GWR Star Class Steam Loco 4013 "Knight of St Patrick" GWR NOW £86.99
Picture R3456 Hornby N15 King Arthur Class Steam Loco 30792 "Sir Hervis de Revel" BR NOW £90.99
Picture R3458 Hornby Schools Class Steam Loco 921 "Shrewsbury" SR NOW £89.99
Picture R3473 Hornby Class 56 Diesel Loco 56 108 Red Stripe Railfreight NOW £99.99
Picture R3495 Hornby Railroad 4-4-0 D49/1 Class Steam Loco 62760 "The Cotswold" BR NOW £49.99
Picture R3521 Hornby D16/3 Class Steam Loco 8802 LNER Black NOW £79.99
Picture R3523 Hornby B17 Class Steam Loco 61665 "Leicester City" BR NOW £89.99
Picture R3525 Hornby Battle of Britain Class Steam Loco S21C159 "Sir Archibald Sinclair" SR NOW £99.99
Picture R3527 Hornby N15 King Arthur Class Steam Loco 742 "Camelot" SR NOW £99.99
Picture R3528 Hornby Stroudley Terrier Class Steam Loco 4 WC&PLR NOW £49.99
Picture R3530 Hornby J15 Class Steam Loco 65469 BR NOW £72.99
Picture R3533 Hornby J94 Class Steam Loco "Lord Phil" NOW £48.99
Picture R3541 Hornby Raven Q6 Class Steam Loco 2265 LNER Black NOW £91.99
Picture R3547 Hornby Standard 4MT Steam Loco 75008 BR NOW £97.99
Picture R3548 Hornby Standard 4MT Steam Loco 75053 BR NOW £97.99
Picture R3557 Hornby Royal Scot Class Steam Loco 6126 "Royal Army Service Corps" LMS NOW £97.99
Picture R3559 Hornby Q1 Class Steam Loco C24 SR Black NOW £71.99
Picture R3574 Hornby Class 67 Diesel Loco 67 013 DB Schenker NOW £91.90
Picture R4625 Hornby Railroad MK1 BG Parcels Coach M81389 BR NOW £13.99
Picture R4627 Hornby Railroad MK1 Second Open (SO) Coach M4478 BR NOW £13.99
Picture R4628 Hornby Railroad MK1 Second Open SO Coach M4363 BR NOW £13.99
Picture R4629 Hornby Railroad MK1 Tourist Second Open (TSO) Coach E4536 BR NOW £13.99
Picture R4772 Hornby BR Mk1 Coach Corridor 2nd Class CK W25923 BR NOW £23.99
Picture R4774 Hornby BR Mk1 Coach Corridor Brake 2nd Class BSK W34845 BR NOW £23.99
Picture R4775 Hornby BR Mk1 Coach Second Open SO W4804 BR NOW £23.99
Picture R4776 Hornby BR Mk1 Coach Tourist Second Open SO W5025 BR NOW £23.99
Picture R4777 Hornby BR Mk1 Brake Second Open BSO Coach W9353 BR NOW £23.99
Picture R4778 Hornby BR Mk1 First Open FO Coach W3123 BR NOW £23.99
Picture R6771 Hornby V Tank Wagon - Mineral Industries Ltd NOW £15.99
Picture R6783 Hornby LMS 20 Ton Coke Hopper Wagons BR Grey Triple Pack NOW £31.99
Picture R6791 Hornby OTA Timber Wagon 112265 w/Parallel Stanchions NOW £16.99
Picture R6792 Hornby OTA Timber Wagon 110292 EWS w/Tapered Stanchions NOW £16.99
Picture R6802 Hornby SR Brake Van 55891 SR Brown NOW £12.99
Picture R6829 Hornby PGA Hopper Wagons, Tarmac. Three Wagon Pack NOW £26.99

Graham Farish Scenecraft N Gauge:
Picture Scenecraft Clearance - save up to 72%!

Graham Farish N Gauge:
Picture 374-042 Graham Farish BR Mk1 BG Full Brake Coach NEX 92002 Intercity NOW £20.99
Picture 374-258C Graham Farish BR Mk1 CK Corridor Composite Coach M16153 BR NOW £22.95
Picture 374-711 Graham Farish BR MK2A TSO Tourist Second Open Coach 5410 Network SouthEast NOW £22.95

Click here to see our current OO gauge bargains, click here to see our N gauge bargains, click here to see our current HO bargains and click here to see our current O bargains on our website!

Gift Vouchers

Picture Picture Picture

Kernow Model Rail Centre on Tour

The teams (and the vans!) survived our double header weekend last week at the Great Electric Train Show, in Milton Keynes, and the Aldershot Model Railway Exhibiton! It is  a local show this weekend, the Bodmin & District Model Railway Club Exhibition at the Bodmin Community College on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October. Then a little rest before all systems go for Warley!

See details of all the future exhibitions we will be attending here.

Customer Layouts

Mr Trevaskus recently bought our Cornish Engine house and thought we might like to see how good it looks in-situ - yes we would! Also, I must say, look at that water effect you have created! See more of them on our dedicated 'customer layout' page on our website by clicking here.

Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know (or maybe you did?!)

Did you know...
space-born jellyfish hate life on Earth. Well I never thought I would be typing that but that's what you get when you ask your 5 year old for a subject for this weeks did you know! NASA first started sending jellyfish to space during the early '90s to test how space flight would affect their development. Jellyfish tell up from down through calcium sulfate crystals that ring the bottom edge of their mushroom-like bodies. Just for info - humans sense gravity and acceleration using otoliths, calcium crystals in the inner ear rather that the bottom edge of our mushroom-like bodies... The crystals are housed in little pockets lined with hair cells. When the jellyfish moves the crystals roll around, signaling to the brain which way is up by stimulating those hair cells. The pockets seemed to develop normally in space, but the 'astro-jellies' later had trouble figuring out how to swim around in normal gravity! Basically the jellyfish didn't develop the same gravity-sensing capabilities as their Earthly relatives! The things 5 years olds are learning from library books...

Best wishes,


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