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Welcome to our newsletter November 16th 2018
Hello from all of us here at Kernow Model Rail Centre! We are already busy prepping for Warley - sorting all the important things, you know, like show bargains! The countdown is on!

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OO Gauge News

Due to arrive today - a great mix from Bachmann:
Image 31-761 Bachmann GNR Class C1 4-4-2 Atlantic Steam Loco 272 GNR Green £169.99
Image 31-762 Bachmann GNR Class C1 4-4-2 Atlantic Steam Loco 4421 LNER Green £161.99
Image 31-910 Bachmann H1 Class Atlantic 4-4-2 Steam Loco 39 'La France' LBSCR £169.99
Image 32-393DS Bachmann Class 37/7 Diesel Loco 37 884 Europhoenix. DCC Sound £212.95
Image 36-417 Bachmann Scenecraft 1960/70s Tradesmen £9.95

Oxford Rail has sent us the following including a 25th Anniversary of Oxford Diecast Limited Edition Adams Radial in a presentation box:
Image 763FO001 Oxford Rail Mk3a Open First Coach M11052 BR £31.95
Image 763FO001B Oxford Rail Mk3a Open First Coach M11042 BR £31.95
Image 76AR008 Oxford Rail Class 415 Adams Radial 4-4-2T Steam Loco 3520 £169.95
Image 76WW006B Oxford Rail Warwell 33 Sherman Tank Load £35.95

A colourful collection is arriving from Oxford Diecast including a rather cute little Heinkal Kabine - that would be great to fit into little spaces today!:
Image 76AUS005 Oxford Diecast Austin 1300 Teal Blue £5.45
Image 76FCG005 Oxford Diecast Ford Cargo Box Van Parcelforce £12.95
Image 76FT033 Oxford Diecast Ford Transit MkV AA £5.75
Image 76HE002 Oxford Diecast Heinkel Kabine Spartan Red £5.45

The following models are due in from Hornby within the next 2 weeks - pre-orders invited!:
Image R3659 Hornby Class 67 Diesel Loco 67 023 "Stella" Colas £143.99
Image R3663TTS Hornby Railroad Peppercorn A1 Class Steam Loco 60103 'Tornado' LNER. DCC Sound £89.99
Image R3682 Hornby Princess Coronation Class Steam Loco 46225 "Duchess of Gloucester" BR £184.49
Image R4519B Hornby 51ft Gresley Non-Vestibuled Suburban First Coach E81032E BR £44.49

Dapol has announced a further batch of Streamline railcars including parcels version:
Image 4D-011-005 Dapol Streamlined Railcar 12 GWR Chocolate & Cream £125.95
Image 4D-011-006 Dapol Streamlined Railcar 10 GWR Chocolate & Cream £125.95
Image 4D-011-007 Dapol Streamlined Railcar W11 BR Lined Chocolate & Cream £125.95
Image 4D-011-008 Dapol Streamlined Railcar W8 BR Crimson & Cream £125.95
Image 4D-011-009 Dapol Streamlined Railcar 16 GWR Lined Chocolate & Cream £125.95
Image 4D-011-100 Dapol Streamlined Railcar 17 GWR Chocolate & Cream £125.95
Image 4D-011-101 Dapol Streamlined Railcar 17 BR Crimson £125.95

Now due very, very soon from Bachmann - this limited edition wagon pack - Cornish Coal Trader Triple Pack with weathered finish:
Image 37-081TL Bachmann Cornish Coal Trader Pack, weathered £64.95

All OO Gauge items that have arrived within the last 28 days are shown in the latest arrivals section of our website.

N Gauge News

Graham Farish goodies due in later today - images will be updated once the team get a second to photograph them!:
Image 379-322 Graham Farish Scenecraft Midland Pullman Stewards and Train Crew £9.95
Image 379-323 Graham Farish Scenecraft Modern Farming Figures £9.95
Image 379-324 Graham Farish Scenecraft 1940/50’s Arable Farming Figures £9.95
Image 379-326 Graham Farish Scenecraft 1940/50’s Livestock Farming Figures £9.95
Image 379-327 Graham Farish Scenecraft Rural Tradesmen £9.95
Image 379-329 Graham Farish Scenecraft 1960/70s Tradesmen £9.95

This Churchill Tank is due in from Oxford Diecast:
Image NCHT002 Oxford Diecast Churchill Tank 1st Canadian Army Brg. Dieppe 1942 £6.95

All N Gauge items that have arrived within the last 28 days are shown in the latest arrivals section of our website.

Publication News

The 2019 Special Railway Modeller is now in stock! Read about single unit railcars, the secret lives of railway modellers and more!:
Image Railway Modeller Special 2019 £6.99

Airfix News

Airfix has announced a new aircraft that is due out in May 2019. Pre-orders invited on this little beauty!:
Image A19004 Airfix Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat £107.99

Kernow Model Rail Centre Exclusive Limited Edition News - OO Gauge

UPDATE - Cornish Riviera - OO Gauge

Goodbye, adiós, totsiens, adieu, arrivederci, ciao, addio, vale, adeus, auf Wiedersehen, shalom, au revoir, bon voyage, aloha, sayonare, zàijiàn our dear Cornish Riviera Coach Packs!

UPDATE - GWR Railmotor Project - OO Gauge

Just in time for Warley, the second CADS have been received for our GWR Railmotor! These have yet to be checked and it is unlikely we will have time to do this prior to Warley next week. Some screen captures below show the latest CAD:

Railmotor Railmotor Railmotor

Pre-order price:
Image K2301 GWR Steam Railmotor 93 GWR Crimson Lake as preserved £149.99
Image K2302 GWR Steam Railmotor number 97 GWR Chocolate and Cream £149.99
Image K2303 GWR Steam Railmotor 63 GWR Brown £149.99
Image K2304 GWR Steam Railmotor 85 GWR Crimson Lake £149.99
Image K2305 GWR Steam Railmotor 61 GWR Chocolate and Cream £149.99

Image of Railmotor 63 is Copyright and Courtesy of Mike Morant Collection. Images of Railmotor 61 and 97 are courtesy of Graham Drew

UPDATE - GWR Sleeper Day Pack - OO Gauge

Our GWR Sleeper Day Coach Pack from Hornby has left China and is expected to arrive with us in mid December! This pack is close to selling out so if you would like one please place a pre-orders:
Image R4872 Hornby Mk3 Great Western Railway Sleeper Day Coaches Pack £104.99

UPDATE - GWR Sleeper Pack - OO Gauge

The same goes for our GWR Railway Sleeper Pack! It has left China and is expected to arrive with us in mid December. Pre-orders invited:
Image R4868A Hornby Mk3 Great Western Railway Sleeper Pack £104.99

Newsletter Bargains

Each week we feature great models at a special price and, as a subscriber to our newsletter, you will get the first chance to buy. Our stock system is live so as soon as the last model is sold it will show out of stock. Please note that it will not necessarily be removed from the website immediately. See further details on our website by clicking on the images below:

Save £100 off the RRP of our Class 66. Please note the boxes are soiled (sleeve missing) and there is no certificate included:
Image 32-976Z Bachmann Class 66 Diesel Loco 66 418 debranded DRS, weathered NOW £74.95

Bargain Bundles:
Image K9997A West Country Bus Pack - Western National NOW £12.99
Image K9998A Bachmann Scenecraft China Clay Dries Pack with FREE Landrover NOW £99.99
Image K9999A Kernow PBA Tiger and Class 37 Pack with FREE Landrover NOW £249.99

Bargain Bundles (including a few of our exclusive models):

Bachmann Scenecraft OO Gauge - 38 models in the Scenecraft Clearance to choose from!:
Picture Scenecraft Clearance - save up to 69%!

Bachmann OO Gauge - Remember you can save £1 off per coach when buying 4 or more in any combination in one order:
Picture 31-426B Bachmann Class 411 4-CEP 4 Car EMU Set 7122 BR (SR) Green NEW LOWER PRICE - NOW £189.99
Picture 31-427B Bachmann Class 411 4-CEP 4 Car EMU Set 7106 BR NOW £219.99
Picture 31-660A Bachmann Class 47/4 Diesel Loco 47 444 "University of Nottingham" Large Logo NOW £119.95
Picture 31-980 Bachmann BR Standard Class 3MT Steam Tank Loco 82020 BR, weathered NOW £88.99
Picture 34-633 Bachmann BR Mk1 Suburban Second Brake Coach E43190 BR, weathered NOW £21.99

Hornby OO Gauge:
Picture R3360 Hornby Railroad Ex-Industrial 0-4-0 Steam Loco 087 Mosley Tarmacadam NOW £14.99
Picture R3361 Hornby Railroad Ex-SR 0-4-0 Steam Loco 6 Hogarth Stone NOW £14.99
Picture R3405 Hornby J50 Class 0-6-0T Steam Loco 585 LNER Black NOW £64.99
Picture R3422 Hornby Adams Radial 415 Class Steam Loco 3125 SR Black NOW £83.99
Picture R3481 Hornby Class 67 Diesel Loco 67 025 "Western Star" EWS NOW £95.99
Picture R3512 Hornby Wainwright H Class Train Pack NOW £157.99
Picture R3579 Hornby Class 800/0 Hitachi Bi-Mode 2 Car Unit Hitachi NOW £199.99
Picture R4235C Hornby LMS Corridor 3rd Class Coach M1741M BR NOW £34.99
Picture R4648 Hornby BR Gresley Suburban First Class Coach E81035E BR Maroon NOW £24.99
Picture R4656A Hornby LMS Non-Corridor 57ft Composite Coach 16612 LMS NOW £24.99
Picture R4657A Hornby LMS Non-Corridor 57ft Third Class Coach 11718 LMS NOW £24.99
Picture R4660 Hornby All Steel K-Type Pullman Third Class Kitchen Car 72 NOW £34.99
Picture R4677B Hornby LMS Non-Corridor 57ft Third Class Brake Coach 20754 LMS NOW £24.99
Picture R4677C Hornby LMS Non-Corridor 57ft Third Class Brake Coach 20755 LMS NOW £24.99
Picture R4685-8 Hornby Collett GWR Bow Ended Bargain Coach Pack NOW £79.99
Picture R4689 Hornby LMS Non-Corridor 57ft Composite Coach M16574M BR Maroon NOW £24.99
Picture R4690 Hornby LMS Non-Corridor 57ft Third Class Coach M11912M BR Maroon NOW £24.99
Picture R4691 Hornby LMS Non-Corridor 57ft Third Class Brake Coach M20787M BR Maroon NOW £24.99
Picture R4691A Hornby LMS Non-Corridor 57ft Third Class Brake Coach M20788M BR Maroon NOW £24.99
Picture R4736 Hornby Maunsell 6 Compartment Third Class Brake Coach 3797 SR Maunsell Green NOW £29.99

Liliput HO Gauge:
Picture L131351 Liliput Class 91 Steam Tank Loco 91 001 NOW £104.99
Picture L131562 Liliput 2-8-0 BR 56 Steam Loco 56 338 in DB NOW £179.99
Picture L131950 Liliput 2-6-0 B3/4 Steam Loco 1359 SBB NOW £189.99
Picture L131962 Liliput Class 671 Steam Loco 53 7116 DR NOW £159.99
Picture L132522 Liliput Class E10 Electric Loco E 110 001-5 DB NOW £109.99
Picture L133016 Liliput Diesel Railcar Single Car Unit 600.03 SNCB NOW £109.99
Picture L133030 Liliput Diesel Express Parcels Railcar VT 10001 DRG NOW £104.99
Picture L133101 Liliput Diesel LINT 27 Vectus VT207 NOW £109.99

Dapol N Gauge:
Picture 2P-012-301 Dapol Maunsell Corridor 1st Class Coach S7665 BR SR Green NOW £17.99
Picture 2P-012-302 Dapol Maunsell Corridor 1st Class Coach S7367 BR SR Green NOW £17.99

Graham Farish N Gauge:
Picture 372-312 Graham Farish Merchant Navy Class Steam Loco 35028 "Clan Line" BR NOW £118.95
Picture 374-192 Graham Farish BR Mk1 BSK Brake Second Corridor Coach M35451 Intercity NOW £20.99
Picture 377-065 Graham Farish Coal Trader Triple Pack 5 Plank Wagons, weathered NOW £31.95
Picture 377-097 Graham Farish Coal Trader Triple Pack 7 Plank Private Owner Wagons, weathered NOW £31.95

O Gauge Bargains:
Picture 7D-008-004D Dapol Class 08 Diesel Locomotive 13240 BR Black NOW £299.99

Click here to see our current OO gauge bargains, click here to see our N gauge bargains, click here to see our current HO bargains and click here to see our current O bargains on our website!

Gift Vouchers

Picture £10 Gift Voucher
Picture £15 Gift Voucher
Picture £20 Gift Voucher

Meet the Team

This week we meet me - Hayley! One photo shows how happy I am to be going to Warley this year. The other shows me doing a great Wallace impression but also that I am really, really ecstactic about getting to attend after 4 years since my last show! Haha! If you can't poke fun at yourself and all that jazz...
Picture Picture

Kernow Model Rail Centre on Tour

As of today it is only 8 sleeps to go until the show opens at Warley National Model Railway Exhibition! It is being held on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th November. The team travelling up are Chris, Sam, Sammy and me!

See details of all the future exhibitions we will be attending here.

Fact (or something I found interesting...) of the Week!

A thank you to... Mr Summers for my little English Language lesson from last weeks 'panicking' :-)

Following on from my English lesson (and a household that is currently full of phonics learning!), did you know... the dot over the lower case i and j is called a tittle! The Turkish alphabet has two kinds of i - one with a tittle and one without :)

Best wishes,


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