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Model Rail launches Class 11 and Class 12

Model Rail has joined forces with Heljan to bring you the LMS 350hp diesel shunter, later to become the Class 11.

You could be forgiven for mistaking this machine for BR's superlative Class 08 but this is where the "gronk" story starts. The differences were small (wheel diameter and cab) but what we have here is the final evolution of the LMS pre-war diesel shunter development.

The War Department ordered the first 20 (but only took delivery of 14), the LMS took the remaining 6 and BR built 71 between 1948 and 1952 when Class 08 production started. Even the Western Region took delivery of six machines that were virtually identical to the LMS design, and English Electric built them for industry too. Eight Class 11s survive, plus one ex-WD and one built new for ICI.

The Model Rail/Heljan model will feature three different marker light arrangements (or WD spot lamps where appropriate), different nose end ladder/handrail combinations and will encompass smaller detail differences, such as whistles or air horns and types of cabside handrails.

Why stop with one model! We've decided to go the whole hog and offer the Southern Region Class 12 too!

15211 -  15236 emerged from Ashford between 1949 - 1952 and were virtually identical to the LMS design. We will include key differences - Bulleid-Firth-Brown wheels and the extra lamp iron/marker lights - but please be aware that limitations to the tooling may mean that it's not possible to include some smaller detail differences (also applicable to the Western Region machines).

The model will be crammed with the latest technology too: a Next18 decoder socket and working head and tail lights, where appropriate. We plan to include a "stay alive" capacitor unit to ensure uninterrupted running over uneven and dirty track and a factory-fitted sugar cube speaker. 

The Class 11s are expected 1st Quarter 2022 and the Class 12s are expected 1st Quarter 2023 but we are not taking orders at this stage. 

The proposed models are shown below, each is limited to 300 pieces.

Watch this space for more information!

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Heljan Class 11


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Heljan Class 12


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