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Model Rail Class 11 and Class 12

Model Rail has joined forces with Heljan to bring you the LMS 350hp diesel shunter, later to become the Class 11, and the later Southern Regon Class 12s

Model Rail Heljan Class 11s
You could be forgiven for mistaking this machine for BR's superlative Class 08 but this is where the "gronk" story starts. The differences were small (wheel diameter and cab) but what we have here is the final evolution of the LMS pre-war diesel shunter development.

The War Department ordered the first 20 (but only took delivery of 14), the LMS took the remaining 6 and BR built 71 between 1948 and 1952 when Class 08 production started. Even the Western Region took delivery of six machines that were virtually identical to the LMS design, and English Electric built them for industry too. Eight Class 11s survive, plus one ex-WD and one built new for ICI.

15211 -  15236 emerged from Ashford between 1949 - 1952 and were virtually identical to the LMS design. We will include key differences - Bulleid-Firth-Brown wheels and the extra lamp iron/marker lights - but please be aware that limitations to the tooling may mean that it's not possible to include some smaller detail differences (also applicable to the Western Region machines).

Boasting an impressive technical specification - plus a wealth of detail - the models are supplied in DCC ready format, with a Next18 DCC socket and pre-installed speaker.

The models also feature a super-smooth mechanism, with gearing optimised for slow-speed running - perfect for these venerable shunting locomotives. 

As well as working exterior lamps (on certain models only to match the prototypes), the cab interiors can also be illuminated by activating a hidden switch using the supplied magnetic ‘wand’. DCC users have even more control over the lighting functions.

We have 15 Class 11 versions to choose from, encompassing LMS, War Department and British Railways liveries, along with schemes depicting some of the Class 11s that enjoyed second careers in industry. There’s also a mix of pristine and weathered options available. 

As well as different paint schemes, the models also feature prototype specific details. This is thanks to our investment in extra tooling, allowing for several detail differences to be incorporated, including alternative nose end detail, three different marker light arrangements, handrail placement, air horns or whistles and several other small - but vital - differences between batches.

Note: images are of all pre-production/livery samples and subject to alteration. 

The Southern Region Class 12s will follow later.

The models are shown below, each is limited to 300 pieces.

- The Class 11s arrived in early February 2024 and are now in stock and available to order.


The price shown on this product is the standard price. To obtain your membership / subscription discount you must enter your membership / subscriber number in the customer message field when placing your order. We will then manually verify this and refund the difference between the standard price and membership price once the order is placed.

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Heljan Class 11

MR-501 Model Rail Class 11 70271 - War Department olive greenMR-501 Class 11, 70271, War Department olive green £169.00

MR-502 Model Rail Class 11 878 Basra - Longmoor Military RailwayMR-502 Class 11, Longmoor Military Railway, 878 Basra £169.00

MR-503 Model Rail Class 11 7120 - LMS pre-war blackMR-503 Class 11, 7120, LMS pre-war black £169.00

MR-504 Model Rail Class 11 7128 - LMS post-war blackMR-504 Class 11, 7128, LMS post-war black £169.00

MR-505 Model Rail Class 11 12043 - BR blackMR-505 Class 11, 12043, BR black, BRITISH RAILWAYS lettering £169.00

MR-506 Model Rail Class 11 15101 - BR WR GreenMR-506 Class 11, 15101, BR/WR green, BRITISH RAILWAYS lettering £169.00 

MR-507 Model Rail Class 11 15106 - BR WR Green WEATHEREDMR-507 Class 11, 15106, BR/WR green, BRITISH RAILWAYS lettering WEATHERED £179.00

MR-508 Model Rail Class 11 12125 - BR Black with early emblemMR-508 Class 11, 12125, BR black, early emblem £169.00

MR-509 Model Rail Class 11 12131 - BR Black - WEATHEREDMR-509 Class 11, 12131, BR black, early emblem, WEATHERED £179.00

MR-510 Model Rail Class 11 12105 - BR Green with Late CrestMR-510 Class 11, 12105, BR green, late emblem £169.00

MR-511 Model Rail Class 11 12100 - BR Green Late CrestMR-511 Class 11, 12100, BR green with ‘wasp’ stripes, late emblem £169.00

MR-512 Model Rail Class 11 D12062 - BR Blue wasp stripesMR-512 Class 11, D12062, BR Rail blue with ‘wasp’ stripes £169.00

MR-513 Model Rail Class 11 12052 -BR Blue - WEATHEREDMR-513 Class 11, 12052, BR Rail blue with ‘wasp’ stripes, WEATHERED £179.00

MR-514 Model Rail Class 11 MP228 - Derek Crouch Mining CoMR-514 Class 11, MP228, Derek Crouch Mining Co. red/cream £169.00

MR-515 Model Rail Class 11 ex-12099 - National Coal Board orangeMR-515 Class 11, (ex-12099) National Coal Board orange £169.00

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Heljan Class 12

We’re also working on five versions of the similar BR Southern Region Class 12, complete with Bulleid-Firth-Brown wheels. Like the Class 11s, we’ve designed the tooling to allow for original and later versions to be replicated, with and without electric head/tail lamps.

Model Rail Class 12 Header Image

Model Rail Class 12 Header Image

Delivery is expected late 2024 and expected prices are £169.00 each (MR members / subscribers price £152.10). Look out for more updates in Model Rail magazine, including when the order book is opened.

What’s planned?


MR-520 Model Rail Class 12 15220 BR Black ImageMR-520 BR/SR Class 12, 15220, BR black, early emblem (emblem will be added to final version!)

MR-521 Model Rail Class 12 15224 ImageMR-521 BR/SR Class 12, 15224, BR green, early emblem

MR-522 Model Rail Class 12 15221 ImageMR-522 BR/SR Class 12, 15221, BR green with ‘wasp’ stripes, late emblem

MR-523 Model Rail Class 12 15212 BR Blue ImageMR-523 BR/SR Class 12, 15212, BR Rail blue with ‘wasp’ stripes


MR-524 Model Rail Class 12 Tilcon Blue ImageMR-524 BR/SR Class 12, (ex-15231) Tilcon blue with ‘wasp’ ends

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