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Model Rail Class 48

When Heljan announced its all-new ‘OO’ gauge Class 47 project, we took the opportunity to commission the first ever ready-to-run model of the Class 48 - a small fleet of Brush Type 4s equipped with experimental Sulzer V12 power units. Although very similar to a ‘47’, the Class 48s featured significant alterations to the roof to accommodate a revised exhaust system, plus modified engine room doors and ventilation grilles.

The five Class 48 locomotives, numbered D1702-D1706 were introduced between September 1965 and July 1966. They mainly worked from Tinsley depot in Sheffield on both passenger and freight work. In 1969, they moved to Norwich depot where they worked on express trains between there and London Liverpool Street. 
The 12LVA24 engine was found to be unreliable and the engines were removed and the locomotives were fitted with the standard 12LDA28 engines, becoming Class 47s. D1702 was the first to be so treated at Crewe Works in 1969. All five locomotives wwere  converted by early 1971.
The locomotives continued in service for many years and were renumbered 47114-47118 in the early 1970s. Four of the locomotives were withdrawn from service between December 1990 and January 1991 with the remaining locomotive, 47 114, being withdrawn in 2002.

Model Rail Class 48

Our exclusive Class 48 boasts the same high specification as Heljan’s all-new Class 47, representing Heljan’s most complex ‘OO’ model to date, with a specially tooled bodyshell to accurately reflect the changes made to the ‘48s’.

Four versions are available, offering a choice of BR two-tone green with small or large yellow warning panels, along with pristine or weathered options.

Produced in strictly limited quantities, the Class 48s are only available from Model Rail.

Model Specification

  • Five-pole motor
  • Twin flywheels
  • Directional head/tail lights
  • Interior lighting
  • 21pin DCC socket
  • NEM coupler pockets


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Heljan Class 48

4820 Model Rail Class 48 Diesel D1702 BR Two-Tone Green SYP 4820 Class 48, D1702 BR two-tone green, small warning panels £230.00

4821 Model Rail Class 48 Diesel D1704 BR Two-Tone Green SYP - W 4821 Class 48, D1704 BR two-tone green, small warning panels, weathered £245.00

4822 Model Rail Class 48 Diesel D1706 BR Two-Tone Green FYE 4822 Class 48, D1706 BR two-tone green, full warning panels £230.00

4823 Model Rail Class 48 Diesel D1703 BR Two-Tone Green SYP - W4823 Class 48, D1703 BR two-tone green, full warning panels, weathered £245.00

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